Custom networks

Instructions on how to configure Oura for connecting to a custom network (aka: other than mainnet / testnet).


Oura requires certain information about the chain it is reading from. In a way, this is similar to the json config files required to run the Cardano node. These values are used for procedures such as encoding bech32 addresses, computing wall-clock time for blocks, etc.

Since mainnet and testnet are well-known, heavily used networks, Oura hardcodes these values as part of the binary release so that the user is spared from having to manually specify them. On the other hand, custom networks require the user to configure these values manually for Oura to establish a connection.


By adding a [chain] section in the daemon configuration file, users can provide the information required by Oura to connect to a custom network.

The [chain] section has the following propoerties:

byron_epoch_lengthintegerthe length (in seconds) of a Byron epoch in this network
byron_slot_lengthintegerthe length (in seconds) of a Byron slot in this network
byron_known_slotintegerthe slot of a Byron block known to exist in this network
byron_known_hashstringthe hash of the known Byron block
byron_known_timeintegerthe unix timestamp of the known Byron block
shelley_epoch_lengthintegerthe length (in seconds) of a Shelley epoch in this network
shelley_slot_lengthintegerthe length (in seconds) of a Shelley slot in this network
shelley_known_slotintegerthe slot of a Shelley block known to exist in this network
shelley_known_hashStringthe hash of the known Shelley block
shelley_known_timeintegerthe unix timestamp of the known Shelley block
address_hrpstringthe human readable part for addresses of this network
adahandle_policystringthe minting policy for AdaHandle on this network.


Chain information for Testnet

This example configuration shows the values for Testnet. Since testnet values are hardcoded as part of Oura's release, users are not required to input these exact values anywhere, but it serves as a good example of what the configuration looks like.

byron_epoch_length  = 432000
byron_slot_length = 20
byron_known_slot = 0
byron_known_hash = "8f8602837f7c6f8b8867dd1cbc1842cf51a27eaed2c70ef48325d00f8efb320f"
byron_known_time = 1564010416
shelley_epoch_length = 432000
shelley_slot_length = 1
shelley_known_slot = 1598400
shelley_known_hash = "02b1c561715da9e540411123a6135ee319b02f60b9a11a603d3305556c04329f"
shelley_known_time = 1595967616
address_hrp = "addr_test"
adahandle_policy = "8d18d786e92776c824607fd8e193ec535c79dc61ea2405ddf3b09fe3"