A sink that saves events into the file system. Each event is json-encoded and appended to the of a text file. Files are rotated once they reach a certain size. Optionally, old files can be automatically compressed once they have rotated.


Example sink section config

type = "Logs"
output_path = "/var/oura/mainnet"
output_format = "JSONL"
max_bytes_per_file = 1_000_000
max_total_files = 10
compress_files = true

Section: sink

  • type: the literal value Logs.
  • output_path: the path-like prefix for the output log files
  • output_format (optional): specified the type of syntax to use for the serialization of the events. Only available option at the moment is JSONL (json + line break)
  • max_bytes_per_file (optional): the max amount of bytes to add in a file before rotating it
  • max_total_files (optional): the max amount of files to keep in the file system before start deleting the old ones
  • compress_files (optional): a boolean indicating if the rotated files should be compressed.