Google Cloud PubSub

A sink that sends each event as a message to a PubSub topic. Each event is json-encoded and sent to a configurable PubSub topic.


type = "GcpPubSub"
topic = "test"

max_retries = 30
backoff_unit =  5000
backoff_factor = 2
max_backoff = 100000

Section: sink

  • type: the literal value GcpPubSub.
  • topic: the short name of the topic to send message to.
  • error_policy (optional): either Continue or Exit. Default value is Exit.
  • retry_policy

GCP Authentication

The GCP authentication process relies on the following conventions:

  • If the GOOGLE_APPLICATION_CREDENTIALS environmental variable is specified, the value will be used as the file path to retrieve the JSON file with the credentials.
  • If the server is running on GCP, the credentials will be retrieved from the metadata server.